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Welcome to our international platform – www.profdrelvirabratila.com – designed to bring doctors and patients around the world closer in an information and interconnection experience with a mission: the health and quality of life of our patients. Our mission is to guide the patients around the world to find the appropriate medical care and a personalized solution for the medical treatment of the difficult conditions in the field of obstetric gynecology. Focusing on the quality of life of patients in need of surgery, our team is a pioneer in Romania in minimally invasive surgical techniques in the field of gynecology, laparoscopy and robotics, offering an outstanding expertise and mentoring in this field. Because we want the benefits of these new surgical techniques to be known and accessible to as many patients as possible around the world, we share this professional experience through this platform created in a new concept: “State of the art surgery in gynecology”, an all-rounded medical guidance platform that brings together our medical experience, with a travelling guidance to access Romania as a destination for medical services. We want to inform and guide patients who need complex surgeries to a Romanian team with the best expertise within the field, providing optimal medical care and treating people with respect, empathy and compassion.

Our objectives are:

To inform about the new progress of the domain, to offer the new approaches of diagnosis, treatment and surgery techniques, to inform the medical community about the latest scientific knowledge in the field of gynecology, providing referrals and relevant opinions to the patients and specialists. To provide a patient easy access by experiencing a new approach of the Medical Care concept through the most innovative and interactive Second-opinion platform which integrate a medical and a travel guidance to help you to access our destination. To involve the medical community in accessing the newest career, training and mentorship opportunities. We invite you to join our Mentorship opportunities.

Our values:

We treat the medical act with honesty and respect, providing medical support to take good care of each patient.

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