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EuroEndoCert Certification

EuroEndoCert Certification

Prof. Dr. Elvira Bratila

Academy of Endometriosis – Endomedicare Academy – founded by Prof. Dr. Elvira Brătilăobtains EuroEndoCert certification, establishing the center in Romania at the level of “Center of Excellence in diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.”

Following a rigorous and complex evaluation process, which aimed at expertise in the number of interventions performed, compliance with therapeutic protocols and standards, multidisciplinary surgical management in complex endometriosis interventions, efficiency and quality of medical care and evaluation of patients’ quality of life after endometriosis surgery, Endomedicare Academy has obtained the highest level of certification from the European auditor EuroEndoCert.

Founded in 2017 by Prof. Dr. Elvira Brătilă, Endomedicare Academy proposed to the Romanian medical community a new vision on this complex pathology-endometriosis-requiring overspecialization, a 360-degree perspective on the effects of the disease and a multidisciplinary approach, ensuring complementarity, integration of therapeutic management and providing personalized treatment solutions to each patient.

With an expertise of over 450 interventions in complex cases of deep infiltrative endometriosis, Endomedicare Academy has become a center of reference in the management of the complex cases that exceed the pelvic area, requiring a multidisciplinary team, thus being a role model for other centers dedicated to endometriosis in Romania and a Mentorship Advice support in complex endometriosis interventions.

The team proposes the surgical concept “one-stop-shop surgery in endometriosis”, the correct and complete excision of endometriosis lesions from the first surgery, keeping in focus the conservative goal of preserving the reproductive potential of patients.

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