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“Endomedicare Academy” Center of Endometriosis, Bucharest, Romania

Endomedicare Academy

“Endomedicare Academy” Center of Endometriosis, Bucharest, Romania, is an integrated multidisciplinary team dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and minimally invasive surgery of endometriosis. In numbers:

  • Over 15 years in endometriosis surgery;
  • Over 1000 interventions of complex forms of deep endometriosis;
  • Over 99% of the minimally invasive endometriosis interventions performed;
  • Ileostomy-less than 1%.

Expertise of over 15 years in endometriosis surgery

With a remarkable expertise of over 15 years in gynecological surgery, focusing on minimally invasive endometriosis surgery, our center, coordinated by Professor Elvira Bratila, M.D., Ph.D., has successfully performed over 1000 interventions of complex forms of deep endometriosisdeep bladder, ureteral endometriosis, endometriosis with multiple intestinal locationshelping hundreds of patients regain their health and quality of life in a disease that invalidates the patients through pain, infertility and psychological impact. According to the national and international medical protocol, we have specific recommendations for each type of intervention, so that each intervention aims to excise all endometriosis lesions, but is also associated with a low rate of complications, recurrence and subsequent interventions. In the experience of our team, only 1% of complex cases of deep infiltrating endometriosis with colorectal resection required ileostomy.

Endomedicare Academy – education and training in minimally invasive gynaecological surgery

Since the establishment of Endomedicare Academy we have been committed to creating a modern school of minimally invasive surgery dedicated to gynecological pathology. To this end, our center, coordinated by Professor Elvira Bratila, MD, organizes and coordinates mentoring programs, courses and practical sessions on the application of minimally invasive techniques – laparoscopy and robotics – which aim to prepare and train specialists in order to maximize surgical skills and learning process adapted to high precision medicine.

Is it or not endometriosis?

Because the diagnosis of endometriosis can be delayed, sometimes lasting between 5-10 years, consultation with a gynecologist specializing in endometriosis can facilitate the process of finding an accurate diagnosis. In our center every woman benefits from modern and non-invasive investigations to establish a correct diagnosis in order to initiate a personalized treatment.

One-stop-shop endometriosis surgery

The first surgical decision is essential for the evolution of each case and essential for the patient prognosis in terms of targeting the objectives: reducing pain, preserving fertility and improving the quality of life after surgery. We have developed the surgical process of deep endometriosis in a “one-stop-shop” principle. Endometriosis surgery is an extensive surgery. From the first surgical gesture we must maximize the results of the intervention, which influences the entire medical act. Performing surgery in the pelvis requires extensive knowledge of the innervation, anatomical landmarks and having the right preoperative approach in coordinating a multidisciplinary team for a complete surgical approach. Complete excision of all endometriosis in a minimally invasive approach must be the target for all endometriosis cases from the very beginning.

State-of-the art gynaecologic surgery and technology:

Over 99% of the minimally invasive endometriosis interventions performed In endometriosis surgery, minimally invasive surgery is the gold standard today, having benefits in terms of accuracy and precision of the medical act, but also for postoperative patient recovery. Minimally invasive surgery requires hospitalization of the patient for 2-4 days.

Robotic surgery in endometriosis

Robotic surgery is the most modern minimally invasive approach.

robotic surgery

Our team performs robotic operations, these interventions in gynecology being performed for the first time in Romania by Prof. Dr. Elvira Bratila. For the patients robotic surgery brings undeniable benefits: low postoperative pain, minimization of the risk of postoperative hemorrhage, low complication rate, reduced hospitalization time, rapid postoperative recovery, rapid reintegration into social activity. Our multidisciplinary team offer a 360 degrees perspective in endometriosis. All-rounded perspective is essential in the endometriosis approach. Each specialty involved in the management of this disease represents a significant part of what is the integrated solution for the patient. Endomedicare Academy is bringing together a multidisciplinary team of specialists with an outstanding expertise in this field-gynecology, colorectal, urology, imagistics, infertility specialists, psychologists and alternative medicine therapists – who can offer an integrated approach on the complex cases of deep endometriosis.


Have you considered how unique you are?

So is this disease, a unique disease that requires customized solutions depending on the particularities of each patient. In medicine you look for what you know. We kindly recommend that the diagnosis and treatment be made in centers dedicated to pathology, and the surgery be performed by surgeons specialized in endometriosis. With our many years of experience and specialized training in this field we are able to support women around the world in making an informed decision about their health and quality of life. This holistic thinking is practiced in our academic center for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. It is also the reason why we chose to become a public voice in Romania of women suffering from endometriosis to raise awareness and say: “Endometriosis is a painful point, but you, woman, are a whole universe.” We are together in this team, with all our knowledge and responsibility in choosing the best solution for you. This is our philosophy and our mission-vision.

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